Woman Meets For Coffee With Her Tinder Date. Then He Texts Her To Ask For The Money Back


Lauren Crouch, a twenty-something London woman, recently decided to dip her toes back in the dating pool. So, when she was matched up with a seemingly fittingTinder date, sheagreed to meet him for a cup of coffee.

Lauren explained what happened with her date and “the most alarming text message I’ve ever received” on her blog, “No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories.”

The date was going smoothly. After 25 minutes of casual conversation, Lauren’s date asked her if she would be interested in going back to his place for a home-cooked dinner.

Lauren said no; she was honest, and told him she wasn’t comfortable going to a stranger’s house. The pair parted ways after their 30-minute date.

Later that night, he texted Lauren and asked if she wanted to see him again. Again, Lauren was honest and said shewasn’t sure they had chemistry.

That’s where the conversation took a bizarre and concerning turn…

[H/T:Lauren Crouch / No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories]

“So my first foray back in to dating and it lasts a total of 32 minutes and ends with the most alarming text message Ive ever received.

We meet at the tube station after he declined my suggestion to meet at a pub, and he asks if we can go for a coffee as hes not drinking.”

“After 25 minutes of ‘normal’ conversation we have the following exchange.”

Him: Have you had dinner yet?”

Me: “No I came straight from work.”

Him: “What would you say if I offered to cook you dinner?”

Me: “Ermmmright now?

Him: “I only ask because Ive got an Ocado delivery coming tonight.”

Me: “Id have to say no. I couldnt possibly go back to the home of someone Ive literally just met, sorry.”

Him (talking over me): “lots of nice fresh vegetables and good fish.”

Him: “OK well Id better go. Need to be home for the delivery.”


“So we walk back to the station, say our goodbyes, then this happens.”

“Yes you do decide yourself what to do with your money, and last night you decided to spend it on a coffee.”

“I don’t come with a money back guarantee. Dates aren’t commodities.”

“I actually felt angry, because as youll know if you read this blog often, I am a massively big believer in women always offering to pay for dates.”

Lauren’s blog post went massively viral, and by the next day she had received messages from other women in her area. After checking and comparing stories, Lauren and another disappointed dater realized there was a strong chance they’d both been on a date with the same man.

Here is the other woman’s account:

We met at Tottenham Hale station, we walked passed his flat (I didnt know he lived there) and he asked if Id like to come up for a drink I said no, lets go to the pub.
We had one drink and then 45 mins after first meeting, he said I dont believe in long first dates, shall we go?
So as we left, he went in for a kiss and I pushed him off and said goodbye.
He seemed intelligent and he intrigued me, so I agreed to meet again, but his messages became a bit pushy, he kept asking to see me the next night to show off his cooking skills just as hed said to you, and something just didnt sit right, so in the end I thought it best not to go, and sent him the polite messages (above).

“Now I want to make it clear that Im not suggesting that this man has done, or will do anything illegal or dangerous, theres still the chance hes just this bloke whos a bit over sensitive and we were unlucky enough to catch him on bad days.

In saying that, If any man or woman ever feels as though they are being threatened by someone they have dated, then do get in touch with the police.

Lastly, dating isnt all that bad, there are some fabulous singletons out there. Trust me Im one of them.”

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