Mom Goes Into Labor, But Doctors Wont Let Her Give Birth For 39 More Days


Rachel and Jeff Whitchurch had such a difficult journey conceiving after three miscarriages that when Rachel became pregnant again, they tried not to get too excited about it. The Salt Lake City, UT, couple struggled to get pregnant for five years, when it finally seemed to bereally happening.

“I was trying to walk that fine line between being really excited that she was pregnant and being really not too emotionally attached,”Jeff told ABC.

Then at 28 weeks pregnant, Rachel’s water broke. Doctors told Rachel to try and not go into labor for at least two more days. They indicated that for every day shekept the baby inside of her, that would bethree days their son wouldn’t have to be in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“I woke up every morning and thought, ‘There’s another day I just gave my baby,’” Rachel said.

Only five percent of mothers are able to keep their baby inside the womb for seven days after their water breaks. Doctors told Rachel a miracle would be 10 days, but what Rachel did wasmore than a miracle: it was a mother who wanted to save her child.

Rachel kept her baby in the womb for 39 days. After those long five weeks, the doctors decided to deliver Gideon Marcus Whitchurch, born weighing just three pounds.

“That first night, it was just amazing because… we could finally be together as a family,” she says.Watch Gideon as a happy, healthy baby a mere six months after his time in the NICU.

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