This Cute Arctic Fox By The Name Of “Archer” Contagious Laugh Goes Viral Globally

Archer the arctic fox

Living in Battle Creek Kristina Shafer has witnessed her four-year-old arctic fox, Archer, laugh many times. And today, over 57 million folks have witnessed it, as well.

Past week, Shafer, 25, published a video of Archer’s happy laugh to the famous photo-sharing app, Instagram, and Vine, a six-second-video-sharing service. This videotape, captures Archer reacting to Shafer’s boyfriend, Kyle Infante, with a high-pitched cackle, spread like fire. It made above 10 million views in less than 24 hours, proving it to be one of the Vine’s most popular videos, and has been widely spread across the internet.

Archer the laughing arctic fox
Isn’t She Amazingly Cute? :) Image Courtesy:

The sound is common for Archer, she said, frequently heard as a signal of excitement, generally to grab the attention of whoever is in the room. As said by Infante, 28, “I didn’t expect it to go viral — that was very surprising,”. “He only replied to my laughter and we had to catch it on video. We published it and it simply went madly viral. “Archer’s laugh grabbed the attention of national coverage on ABC News, Buzzfeed and US Magazine plus being reposted many times on YouTube.

Besides, it drew the attention of One Green Planet, an environmental blog, which said “hope that this video doesn’t encourage others to go out and buy wild foxes just so they can have their own ‘laughing’ animal. “as told by Shafer the interest has been overwhelming for her and Archer, who was mostly silent when had an Enquirer reporter and photographer past week.

To assist control some of the ongoing publicity, Shafer told she’s licensed the video to Storyful, a management company for viral videos, to market the video and act as her agent for the next year. Following that, she said she hopes her everyday life return to normal.

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